Tuscany, the new Mecca for the modern woman! Shopping, Tuscan Cuisine, Beauty and Relax

Women in Tuscany had always played a special role in Tuscan society. The ancient Etruscans, colonizing Tuscany 700 - 200 BC, praised the beauty of their Tuscan wives and ensured equality. The Etruscans were thus far ahead of many ancient peoples.

The beauty cult of the Tuscan women has been preserved over the thousands of years until today. Nowadays many Tuscan beauticians use the original natural substances to meet the demands of today's women skin care.
Fashion is not neglected either. If you want to buy fashion, bijouterie, handbags, and other leather goods Made in Tuscany, you are well advised to inquire about the addresses beforehand. Anyone who wants to buy haute couture or just stroll a day will find great bargains in the many designer outlets or malls in the Florence hinterland.
And when relaxation is the order of the day, yoga can help you regaining your strength, enjoy the outdoors, relax in the midst of nature and recharge your batteries before going back to everyday life with renewed strength.
The culinary arts are the core of Tuscany: tasty and light Tuscan dishes created especially for women, which convince through health, simplicity, and a long tradition. Whatever you go for: vegan, vegetarian, fresh fish or meat specialties, or simple focaccia, Schiacciata – you will enjoy and feel good! 
Together with my local partners, we have put together attractive woman-weekend packages for you. Of course, this is also a great way to celebrate a wedding-eve party differently with the bridesmaids ...