The glass industry in Tuscany is also an exciting topic: Empoli with its green glass can look back on a long and profitable tradition today!

Those who, like me, are rooted in Italian culture, instinctively think of the spelling alphabet when they hear “Empoli”. Unlike in Austria, where first names are used to spell, in Italy it is city names: Ancona for A, Bologna or Bari for B, etc. But then, I think of my friend Chiara and  our last visit to the Glass Museum together with the extraordinary rooms and the special exhibits.

But the city of Empoli offers a lot more!
But more about that another time!

First, we go on a search for traces and go back a bit in history to the 13th century. Archaeologists have dated old kilns that they came across during excavations in the south of Empoli to exactly this time. These old kilns are evidence of a flourishing glass production in Tuscany in this early epoch.

The glass production in Empoli, in Tuscany, is of great importance because the demijohn made of green glass has always been used for bottling Tuscan wines. And wine production is a very important economic factor in Tuscany and has therefore also given green glass its importance.

In the inter-war period, the meaning of green glass from Empoli changed and was discovered for art. Numerous decorative everyday objects, such as unique and decorative perfume bottles were created during this time. With the end of World War II, the demand for art objects made from green glass slowly ebbed.

And today?
Today the glass, Made in Tuscany, has started its triumphant advance in art again, especially in furnishings. In addition to the famous green glass, production has now also switched to other colors.

If you are in the mood to learn more about it, you should make a jump to Empoli, the Glass Museum, when you next visit Florence.
The Glass Museum in Empoli, a small jewel in the middle of the city center, offers a very impressive permanent exhibition. In addition to exhibited exhibits and posters, you can immerse yourself in this completely different time via film and get impressions of the manufacturing process and everyday life of the glassblowers from Empoli, a very special profession.
Special exhibits, but also everyday objects from yesteryear, can be viewed.

And if you want to say” I do” in the small but amazing museum, because glass or salt has a special meaning for you, you can get married in the Glass Museum in Empoli. You can celebrate a symbolic ceremony or a civil Wedding in the Glass Museum. 
The Glass Museum is in the old salt store, where the salt from the Volterra salt pans was stored and distributed.

In order to organize your wedding in Empoli in the sense of a micro wedding in Tuscany, I can inform you right away: you can enjoy the agape or wedding dinner in great restaurants within walking distance and even spend the night according to the theme ...
And all at a reasonable price!
Are you interested?
Get in touch, I will be happy to inform you about the possibilities!