Micro Wedding or Mini Wedding in Tuscany

Vacation from everyday life and a unique experience, besides getting married at a fair price in Tuscany - is that possible?
Getting married inexpensively in Tuscany always works quite well if you go for packages or you combine various service modules. In addition, the season, the month and the day of the week must of course be taken into account.     
Micro Weddings are also great for modern and trendy weddings. If you want to celebrate with family and friends, but still want to give everyone involved space and free time, urban weddings are the latest craze! Young and cheeky, the wedding dinner as a typical Tuscan apericena with a tasting of regional delicacies ...
Mini weddings have nothing to do with stinginess or minimalism, on the contrary! Newlyweds who think of every single guest generally invest a lot of time and love and can really offer a varied supporting program thanks to Tuscany’s rich offer.
How is that: do bride and groom always pay the costs for the additional program like welcome dinner, social program?
It depends on many factors.
It can also happen that the bridal couple pays for the get-together on the day of arrival. In addition, offers many other possible program items (e.g. wine or olive oil tasting) but these must be paid by the wedding guests themselves. 
Can you organize a Mini Wedding in Tuscany by yourself, isn't it better to save money with the wedding planner?
Of course, you can organize a wedding in Tuscany yourself. However, many newlyweds approach the whole thing incorrectly: they book a villa online and expect the operators of the villa to make helpful contacts with the necessary wedding service providers. Some will certainly help, but one should not forget that these are not experienced business contacts. Just because someone runs a great website it does not mean that they deliver or perform accordingly!
In this case you are well advised to rely on the professional contacts of a wedding planner who specializes in organizing elopements and weddings in Tuscany. There is also a lot of background information that cannot be found easily on the internet. For instance, not every venue in Tuscany has a wedding license.  And so, it happens that many bridal couples give up and don't realize their dream of a Dream Wedding in Tuscany.
Again, there is no point in contacting the wedding planner around the corner if he does not even speak (perfect) Italian or cannot offer business contacts or wedding experiences in Tuscany.
If you want to get married in Tuscany, you should contact a wedding planner specialized in Elopements and Weddings in Tuscany right at the start of planning.
The first interview is most cases free and that is worth a lot! 
You can ask questions and receive answers to ultimately decide whether you want to get married in Tuscany or not. Also to know approximately the cost is very important.
So do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you!