Tuscan Wedding

Getting married in Tuscany means an unforgettable Dream Wedding with many facets. Tuscany offers a wide range of different styles of venues to meet your wishes and desires. Your marriage ceremony will carry your personal handwriting and can be traditional, relaxed or unconventional. Amazing side programs are waiting for you and your guests to experience Tuscany with all your senses and enjoy your unforgettable Dream Wedding.

  • Nowadays, getting married is much more than just a celebration with close friends and family. Weddings should be unique, carry the personal handwriting and at least have a bit of an experience and event character. The best way to create unforgettable experiences and an unrivaled event atmosphere is to celebrate your Dream Wedding in Tuscany! Especially when the wedding has a special motto, or you want to set yourself apart from the other weddings. Have you ever thought of getting married in a museum and moving the wedding to Tuscany? Tuscany offers a variety of small, medium-sized, and very large museums for your wedding as unique stage to create a lifetime memory for your individual and fantastic wedding in Tuscany.

  • The different seasons in Tuscany immerse the city, countryside, and coast in diverse and different backdrops for elopements. In addition to the classic genre urban, rustic, or mediterranean, there are numerous styles that make an elopement in Tuscany an unforgettable experience.
    My favorite seasons are spring and autumn. Tuscany bursts in an incredible frenzy of colors. With the local photographer by our side, we will capture this magical and unique atmosphere for eternity ...

  • If you would like to celebrate your wedding differently, namely as an experience with plenty of space for time, be it with the wedding party or even as a couple, go for a so-called Micro Wedding, or Mini wedding in Tuscany.
    With a small group of guests, you are more flexible and mobile and can experience a lot together. Not to forget the precious memories of what you shared in Tuscany. Side programs can be tailored to the small group individually and personally, such as a Vespa tour along the wine route in Chianti with a refreshment stop at well-known Tuscan wineries. If you have a special eye for the unique landscape of Tuscany and would like to capture it in pictures, you can also take your guests on a photo tour through, for example, the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of Val d’Orcia, the mountain Monte Amiata or the geothermal park with its geysers. Such a Tuscany Photo Tour is led by a professional and well-known photographer who gives practical tips and tricks and tells about the everyday life of a professional photographer.

  • If you dream of a romantic Dream Wedding in the unforgettable Tuscan sunset on the beach and enjoy the unique and tasty Mediterranean cuisine, Tuscany is the best place to go for. The regions along the Tuscan coast could not be more different. Sandy beaches are attached to cliffs and rocks with unique bays that leave an unforgettable backdrop for a unique and lifetime memory story. The variety of locations for Wedding Parties of different sizes is also considerable. A trip to the island of Elba with a culinary pampering program is just as seductive as discovering the ancient Etruscan culture. In general, the Etruscans are a central theme and have a very special meaning in Tuscany. If you travel to the south of Tuscany, if you taste regional, simple, and tasty dishes, or relax having a special beauty program, you always come across an Etruscan origin.

  • Autumn is one of the most colorful seasons in Tuscany and offers a variety of natural spectacles. The foliage of the trees changes color and spans an arc from rich green to bright gold and orange tones to earthy browns. The wineries of Tuscany are also immersed in a unique color spectacle from orange tones to bright red. Anyone who visits Tuscany in autumn is well advised to take a bike and immerse themselves in the color world of nature. The Fattorie, Tenute, Agriturismi and much more offer refreshments. : a classic Tagliere Toscano, a cold cold cut consisting of prosciutto, salami and cheese from regional production and a good drop of wine. Do you feel like visiting Tuscany?

Getting married in Tuscany means an unforgettable Dream Wedding with many facets. 
You enjoy the most beautiful day of your life together with your family and friends and moreover your guests will enjoy a little break from everyday life. 
The biggest advantage of Destination Weddings in Tuscany is the fact, that you will arrive and immediately relax and really celebrate and enjoy with all your senses your time in Tuscany. Why?
This is due to first class services of all involved partners: venues, catering, flower designers, hair stylist, makeup artists, professional wedding planners and their teams.
Your Dream Wedding can be realized in different styles and therefore you can get married in Tuscany in different places: at the beach in the stunning sunset, in a historic city like Florence or Siena, at historic places and monuments like in a medieval monastery or medieval castle, on an elegant Tuscan vineyard, and much more.
But there are also plenty of extraordinary places and spaces to get married like modern Galleries or in the backdrop of nature like the famous area of Val d’Orcia and much more.
All venues invite you and your guests to enjoy a side program, may it be a casual Barbecue party as Welcome Dinner, or wine- and olive oil tasting with the typical Tuscan Apericena.
Get inspired and get married in Tuscany!