A bespoke Beach Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany has beautiful and historic beaches. The famous Versilia in the west invites you to relax and enjoy with its historic Grand Hotels, which still convey the flair of yesteryear paired with today's 5* luxury.
A leading 5* Grand Hotel in Viareggio as a Beach Wedding Destination in Tuscany is a very special and certainly unforgettable wedding.
In addition to the usual amenities that an upscale luxury hotel brings, there are many advantages, especially when it comes to weddings. So the bride and all the ladies of the wedding party find tailor-made treatments in the in-house SPA and Beauty Salon….
From personal experience, I can recommend the "Snow White Mask", still a real miracle for me, as it brings the bride to relax and shine in no time.
If required, makeup and hair styling trial can also take place in the in-house beauty salon.
Ideas for setting the beach wedding are manifold: either I DO under a flower arch, under a trapezoidal canopy or simply under the open sky, barefoot on the beach.
A lot has happened on the market when it comes to wedding dresses for a beach wedding: the fabrics are much lighter and some designers successfully design very individual styles, even in color.
Which shoes to choose for a beach wedding? There are also many options here: from barefoot in the sand to open, festively decorated sandals to flip-flops for the entire wedding party.
And when we are with the wedding guests, what about the clothes?
Over the years I have noticed a trend towards a uniform dress code. Depending on the motto or the red thread, the specifications were more focused on one color, for example sand, turquoise or celeste: the men with beige trousers and a white shirt, while the women wearing fragrant and festive dresses in different shades of sand. I thought this unique event started beforehand, when the groom went with his bachelors shopping, while the bride went shopping with her bridesmaids. It was amazing!
And that is exactly what makes a Wedding perfect – Sharing precious moment together!