Welcome to Angela Lindner!

I am Angela, a passionate longtime wedding planner, raised between Italy and Austria. 
I started my wedding planning business in 2006 focusing on Destination Weddings in Vienna. At that time nobody really knew about wedding planners in Austria. There was not even a job description or business license for wedding planners. So, I started working with the Chamber of Commerce establishing the profession in Austria. Along with designing a job profile, I created the successful trainings of Wedding Planners in Austria, training personally throughout Austria in the years 2009-2017.

In 2012 I have been invited to the EURAKA in Baden-Baden, Germany, as a guest lecturer training wedding planners in Germany.

In 2017 I decided to change direction and started a relaunch focusing on my beloved Tuscany. An amazing time of Locations inspection and networkbuilding with local vendors started.
Today I am living in Vienna and Siena and I am excited to meet you and get started planning your Dream Wedding in Tuscany!


Why Angela?

Your desire is what drives my team and me. Whether you want to get married on the Beach surrounded by a stunning sunset, on a romantic Vineyard enjoying an unforgettable wine tasting or you prefer a rustic Tuscan Style Wedding, enjoying a special social program like hunting for rare truffles with your family and friends.
I can design a plan for the most challenging wedding, down to the tiniest detail.


Why plan your Dream Wedding in Tuscany with Angela


  • Personalized matching
  • Rigorous assessments
  • Unmatched destination expertise
  • 24/7 support from my partners

Going for your

Dream Wedding in Tuscany? 


Let me help you to create, plan and organize your Dream Wedding